Biography Of Efrosyni & George Adamides

Efrosyni and George (brother and sister), are the pioneers that launched WorldVentures in Cyprus in July 2009, in Greece in January 2011.

Together, they are empowering entrepreneurs all around the world to live their dream life and achieve their financial goals. Having built an organization of over 150,000 reps in 7 years, this is literally just the beginning of their Vision coming to reality. 



Meet Efrosyni Adamides.

Efrosyni has had a career in marketing, sales and public relations spanning over 15 years. She has also founded several companies specialising in real estate, and marketing consulting in Cyprus and the UK. During her career she has worked for movie studios such as Warner Brothers, Village Films, worked for radio stations and numerous other companies.

Efrosyni was originally introduced to WorldVentures by her brother George in London. Within days, flew to the US to meet the founders of the company. Once she saw the big picture, she along with her brother persuaded the Executives to launch Cyprus.


Meet George Adamides

George is originally from Cyprus, grew up in Australia, finished his degree in England, and built his hotel career in Wales, Scotland, London and Cyprus. From a young age he had the travel bug and his dream was to travel to the world.

George's career spans 15 years in the hotel and hospitality industry, including managerial positions in the two largest hotel chains in the world, Marriott Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group. After accelerated success earning 6 promotions in the last 5 years of his corporate career, he took the entrepreneurial path in late 2009.

George is a featured coauthor with Legends in the personal development industry, including Jim Rohn and Les Brown, in 'Multiple Streams of Determination' and his mission is to empower thousands of people around the world to join the movement of network marketing and together design their dream life.