Super Saturday 30th of MAY

For the first time EVER, 16 IMDs come together along with a 4x IMD Troy Brown, to empower you, inspire you, and teach you how to take your business in your hands and build the lifestyle your heart desires!! You will hear from people from all types of backgrounds, from all around the world, people that were successful before WV and people that had to get financially creative to even join our company. This type of event, has never happened before and chances are probably never will. Although this event has a value of thousands of dollars, you can watch it for FREE from the comfort of your own home! The biggest investment you will make is your time.. Check the times in your area and put it in your diaries and for maximum impact call everyone in your team to watch it with you :-)


The event will be 6,5 hours with a 30 min break.  So make sure you plan for this and have snacks, drinks etc ready :-) 



12pm. UK 

1pm    France/Italy, Germany 

2pm    Cyprus/ Romania

9pm    Australia (Melbourne/Sydney)


The event will live stream on MacTeam Youtube channel.